Definitely Nova Dental

My wife and I recently returned from our second visit to NovaDental in Escazú /San José Costa Rica. We offer only high praise for the quality and professional work we had done during both visits. Our first visit was for getting implants and the second, seven months later, for putting on the crowns.


I had additional work done each visit (cosmetic work the first trip, followed by some cavity & filling work, root canal and additional crown work on the second visit). The work cost me about 45% of what I was quoted at home in Arlington, Virginia. My wife and I recommend without hesitation the team at NovaDental (Dr.Obando, Dr.Truque and Dr Chavarría) that provided us with a quality product at very reasonable rates.


We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard Escazú, literally 10 parking spaces from Nova Dental’s office.If you have additional questions, I’m more than happy to reply to additional postings on this topic.