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Adult dentistry Costa Rica: Bridges and law of beams dental

The implant supported bridge technique is quite similar to a regular dental bridge, but this one is supported by implants and not by natural teeth.

Tooth is missing?

This technique is used when more than one tooth is missing.

The “Law of Beams” states that as distance between abutments doubles, deflection of the bridge becomes the cube of it’s previous movement under a given force.

This procedure will also help retain the bone in this area since it will have a function.

It offers to patients an opportunity of getting the most economic and treatment benefit from combinations of procedures.

Usually this restoration process is a series of porcelain crowns connected to form a bridge.

They are attached to a base of metal. If this implant will be placed next to natural teeth, this one and the surrounding gums must be in good health.

For this a movement of the tooth should be less than 30 microns, which is the thickness of a strand of hair.

For exceptional cases a bone augmentation is necessary before the main process.

Again, the angulation, length and width of the implants are very important factors to ensure success.

The design of the bridge needs to allow for proper oral hygiene for the patient.

The above image demonstrates how an edentulous area or area with no teeth can be restored with an implant supported bridge.

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What is the dental implants healing time?

For most implant-supported teeth the patient will be able to clean around each supporting implant by brushing and flossing in just the same way that you would around natural teeth. Dental Implants are almost forever. They can last a lifetime depending on how well you look after them.

Procedures like the All on 6 or All on 8 dental implants simplifies the implant technique. Instead of a dental implant for each and every one of your missing teeth, the doctor places implants on the top of your mouth, and four on the bottom, to restore your full smile.

What is the average price of dental implants in Costa Rica?

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