Bone Graft in Costa Rica

This procedure is used when the bone disappears.

This situation occurs when it’s not used (if no tooth is present).

Sometimes before an implant can be placed, bone needs to be added to the site and allowed to regenerate.

The bone can be taken from another site in the mouth or other sources can be used. It acts as a scaffold for your own bone to grow across, regenerate and calcify.

As the new bone matures, the bone graft material resorbs (slowly dissolves away).

This is a popular method to fill gaps and spaces between teeth that have eroded or fallen out.

It can also repair bone loss caused by some types of fractures or cancers.

During this time, a membrane is used to guide the graft to grow to the new bone in the proper way.

This is called Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR). Many different membranes are available to achieve the desired result.

A bone graft may or may not be done at the same time the implant is placed, depending on the individual situation.

If it is determined that they need to be performed at separate visits, the length of time between them is normally 4 to 8 months, again depending on what type of bone the graft will be placed in.

If the transplanted bone comes from another person, it is called an allograft.

In most of this cases, the bone comes from donors who have died.

Bone graft dental procedure
The bone grafting is composed by five procedures:

Bone grafting
Is when a block of bone is removed from one area of the body and screwed into a section or position where dental implant will be placed.

Bone expansion
This is usually practiced in the front of upper jaws. Enable larger dental implants to be placed.

Sinus lift graft
Sinus membranes are lifted upward to facilitate insertion of donor bone in the floor of the sinus. The specialist enters the sinus from where the upper teeth used to be. The membrane is then lifted and a donor bone is finally inserted.

Socket preservation
Procedure for reducing bone loss after extraction keeping the contour and integrity of the socket area with a natural looking appearance.

Tissue regeneration
This procedure utilize barrier membranes a to direct the growth of new bone and cover surgical spaces and block gum tissues from bone grafts.

Type of Bone grafting
There are three different kinds of bone grafting. Those are definied by the type of bone used throught the process.

Autogenous bone grafting
A bone from a different part of the body is harvested and used in the area the requires the implant.

A syntectic bone is used instead of a natural one in the jaw bone area.

A cow bone is used for replace the jaw bone area.

What is the dental implants healing time?

For most implant-supported teeth the patient will be able to clean around each supporting implant by brushing and flossing in just the same way that you would around natural teeth. Dental Implants are almost forever. They can last a lifetime depending on how well you look after them.

Procedures like the All on 6 or All on 8 dental implants simplifies the implant technique. Instead of a dental implant for each and every one of your missing teeth, the doctor places implants on the top of your mouth, and four on the bottom, to restore your full smile.

What is the average price of dental implants in Costa Rica?

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