Hotels and Dental Recovery Facilities in Costa Rica

DENTAL IMPLANT Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry is located in one of the best areas to practice dental tourism in Costa Rica. 15 minutes from the main costarican internal airport, 10 minutes from downtown San Jose and 5 minutes away from all mayor business and shopping centers. Below we have compiled a list of the main recovery facilities and hotels in the area close by to our Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry.

Our comprehensive guide on dental recovery facilities in Costa Rica by Dental Implant.

We understand that finding a reputable dental facility can be a daunting task, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the country’s healthcare system. But rest assured, we’re here to guide you through the process and help you make the best decision for your dental health.

Why Costa Rica for Dental Recovery?

Costa Rica has emerged as a popular destination for dental tourism, and for good reason. The country offers top-notch dental facilities, highly trained dentists, and affordable prices. Dental procedures can cost up to 70% less than in the United States, making it an attractive option for those seeking quality care without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, Costa Rica is a beautiful country with a rich culture and stunning landscapes. It’s no wonder that thousands of people from all over the world flock to this tropical paradise every year for their dental needs.

Finding the Right Dental Recovery Facility

When it comes to choosing the right dental recovery facility, there are several factors to consider. These include:

  1. Reputation – Look for a facility with a strong reputation and positive reviews from previous patients. You can check online reviews or ask for referrals from friends or family members who have had dental work done in Costa Rica.
  2. Qualifications – Ensure that the facility has highly trained and qualified dentists and staff. Look for certifications and accreditation from recognized organizations.
  3. Technology – Check to see if the facility uses the latest dental technology and equipment. This can ensure a more efficient and effective treatment process.
  4. Location – Consider the location of the facility and whether it’s easily accessible. It’s also important to consider the proximity to accommodations and other amenities.

Top Dental Recovery Facilities in Costa Rica

Courtyard by Marriott

Address and Contact Information:

  • Autopista Prospero Fernandez, Calle Marginal N., Plaza Itskatzu
  • San Jose, 5024005 Costa Rica
  • Phone: 506 2208 3000
  • Fax: 506 2288 0808
  • Sales: 506 2298 0808
  • Sales fax: 506 2298 0033
  • Toll-free: 1 888 236 2427

Rates and more information at:
Marriott Hotels Web Site

Studio Hotel

Address and Contact Information:

  • 50 m north of the Santa Ana’s Red Cross, San José Costa Rica.
  • Tel: (506) 2282-0505
  • Fax: (506) 2282-0505

Rates and more information at:
Costa Rica Studio Hotel Main Web Site

Residence Inn by Marriot

  • Ave. Escazu Complex Prospero Fernandez Hwy
  • San Jose, 1250 Costa Rica
  • Phone: 506 2588 4300
  • Fax: 506 2588 4316
  • Sales: 506 2588 4300
  • Sales fax: 506 2588 4316

Rates and more information at:
Marriot Hotels Residence Web Site

Apartotel Cristina Hotel Residence Suites

Address and Contact Information:

  • 300 North from ICE Sabana Norte, San José, Costa Rica
  • Tel: (506) 2220-0453

Rates and more information at:
Apartotel Cristina Web Site

Hotel Trapp Family Country Inn

Located only 1 mile from Juan Santamaría International Airport.
30% discount for Nova Dental Clinic clients.
Address and Contact Information:

Rates and more information at:
Hotel Trapp Family Country Inn website.

Apartotel Suites Villas del Río

Address and Contact Information:

John F Kennedy Street, 136st. East side of the Costa Rica Country Club San Rafael, Escazú. Costa Rica
Phone: (506) 40022400
Toll Free USA & Canadá: 1-855-5 DELRIO (1-855-533-5746)

Rates and more information at:
Apartotel Suites Villas del Río

Hotels and Dental Recovery Facilities in Costa Rica