Patient Testimonials

Looking for answers? Let happy customers do the talking!
These are amazing testimonies of people who have been helped by Dr.Obando and his staff at Nova Dental Clinic in Costa Rica.

Dr. Luis G. Obando did an amazing job on my teeth and mouth. Not only do I look 100% better, but I am now able to chew better and enjoy my food more. I have also noticed that my face now looks more balanced and, for the first time in many years, I am now able to smile and show my teeth again! They look so natural. He is so professional and kind and truly made me feel comfortable and unafraid.

Priscilla Meyer

I looked for someone to perform the dental procedure in Costa Rica. I am very happy to have found Dr. Luis Guillermo Obando. He accommodated my schedule on fairly short notice, and performed these procedures at half the cost of the procedure in the USA. Dr. Obando and his staff have been pleasant and very helpful at all stages of this process. I recommend him to anyone considering implant surgery in Costa Rica.

Bruce Lites

I was absolutely delighted with the result of his work! The office setting and equipment are state of the art and the bilingual staff friendly and caring. It all starts at the top. I was very happy with the substantial cost savings – about one third of what I would expect to pay in the US. Dr. O is a dedicated, talented professional – completely patient oriented. I would recommend him without qualification.

Barry O’Leary

Dr. Obando, I have thought about writing this Thank You letter for a while. You and your staff have done a remarkable job. I cannot begin to thank you enough for fixing my smile. Dr. Obando, I truly appreciate your extremely conservative approach and utmost concern for what was in my best interest.

Thankfully, you were able to make such an improvement that I could see my old self in the mirror after coming home, for the first time in over ten years! You have exceeded my expectations as a dentist. You and your staff are incredibly efficient, caring and kind. And, you are a brilliant doctor, and an artist, o yes…an artist (because a patient is basically hiring an artist as well when they have cosmetic surgery), with incredible “bed-side manners”.

Malgorzata Williams

I have recommended Dr.Obando to a number of people since my experience. In fact my brother and his wife recently received treatment there with very satisfactory results and rave reviews of the whole experience. I am happy to make the same recommendation here as well as to personally discuss my experiences with any others who are also considering making the trip.


After many years of neglect I decided to have my teeth fixed in Costa Rica as the cost is considerably less than in Canada. I was very impressed with Dr. Obando’s zen like office and state of the art equiptment. Dr Obando and his team of professionals made my experience with dental implants and crowns the easiest dental procedures I have had. Thank you very much!

Urmi Sheldon

From the first communication, I felt as though I was corresponding with a friend. From arranging airport transfers, to accommodations, the logistics of the trip were flawless. Dr. Obando’s thorough explanation set my mind at ease. No surprises…except may the fact I had virtually no pain or swelling after the procedure. Kudos to Dr. Obando and staff. Truly a nice experience.”

Scott Dinsmore

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