Dr. Luis G.Obando
Nova Dental Director
Implantologist Specialist

As the world becomes more technological each day, dentistry doesn’t steps behind. Each day new concepts and techniques in dentistry appear to improve dental treatment and enhance oral health and aesthetics. You can find this and more at Nova Dental Advanced Center.

Some years ago, we wouldn’t have dreamed of using a laser to whiten our teeth, porcelain to create life-like restorations designed and machined by a computer or sedation dentistry to eliminate dental fear. Also the fact that a dentist can use a three dimensional image of our bone to plan an implant surgery or use a microscope to treat patients teeth. But today’s dentistry is about quality of life and lasting dental procedures.

Cad Cam technology is the ultimate convenience in dental technology. A scanner makes a 3 dimensional image of your prepared tooth and grinds down a solid block of porcelain, which makes the final full porcelain crown or veneer very hard and aesthetic.

The lab process is way faster and easier so the final restoration is completed in much less time than before.

Technology has been able to perfectly blend function and aesthetics to provide the best restoration possible. Dental Implant is the best way to replace missing teeth.

No need to grind down healthy teeth to make a bridges, no bone loss due to missing tooth, easier cleaning and improved aesthetics are some of the many advantages implants have.

Computarized tomography (CT) scans are used to diagnose and plan the surgery for implants, giving the exact dimension and quality of the patients bone to guarantee better results in their treatment. The result is a permanent replacement for missing teeth that can last for a lifetime.

Today’s dental implants look, feel and function like real teeth, and as dental implant technology evolves, so does the success rate.

Microscope Enhanced Dentistry used to magnify tooth structures, this microscope is very useful to not let any minor detail left without care.

Used mostly in root canal treatments the scientific literature shows that the success rate in these procedures is way higher with the use of the microscope than without it.

With the use of the simple eye some tiny canals are left untreated meaning in a future failure of the treatment and probably loss of the tooth. Also used for surgery, crown preparation, cavity removal, etc this precision instrument raises the quality of dentistry real high.

It is very reconforting for Nova Dental to provide our patients with all of these new technologies and many more so we can combine art and science to provide the best dentistry our patients deserve to have.

So go ahead with the dental treatment you have been waiting for and let us take excellent care of your oral health.

25 Oct, 2022

A 2016 year full of blessings

Nova dental wishes you a 2016 year full of blessings. We closed 2015 with a wonderful and fun Christmas staff dinner. Additionally, as we do every year, we shared our success with those in need.

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