Dear Friends,
Nova Dental’s staff and doctors went to Poas Volcano and Paz Waterfalls. We want to share with you some photos of this amazing trip.

This two places are about 1 hour from San Jose, that means that in one free day without dental appointment you can go.

There you can see a butterfly farm, a frog farm, beautiful waterfalls, animals of all kinds (birds, monkeys, tigers…), tropical flowers, jungle and a volcano. What else can you ask for? Walk around and relax… It’s beautiful we really recommend this trip. If you need any information please let us know.

20 Mar, 2013

Quick Dental Trips to Costa Rica

It is said that if beauty is power, then a smile is its sword. If your smile has dimmed because of damaged, decaying or discolored teeth, a quick dental trip to Costa Rica could…

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05 Oct, 2009

National Meeting of Dentistry

The National Meeting of Dentistry was held this weekened. We are proud to informed you that Dr.Obando and Dra. Truque were selected to be part of the judges for the investigation contest.

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