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Information about Dental Work in Costa Rica. Through years, the quality of several medical services (including dentistry) have made Costa Rica the destination number one for medical tourists around the world. The excellent prices and closest location with the United States are among the reasons behind the medical success of this small country.

Dental implants are also considered one of the strongest services in Costa Rica. This technique has become one of the most widely used by dentists across the globe. It consists in using an artificial tooth root for supporting restorations that resemble a group of teeth.

In addition to the quality, dental implants look and feel like your own teeth. Because of that, the final result is a more natural look and a confident smile.

The patient doesn´t need to change the way of eating. You can eat your favorite food with confidence and no pain.

Dental Procedures in Costa Rica

Dr. Obando understand the importance of having a good smile. His office features dental technology carefully chosen to give you the best dental work possible.

As a result of a constant growing, Dr. Obando´s  facilities have been improved in many ways.  Nova Dental Clinic now has five individual rooms with  top of the line dental chairs. Also a Microscope Enhanced Dentistry has been included as part of our equipment.

In order to help people and offer a better work, Dr. Luis Obando has created this special dental implant treatments section. He will be happy to explain more about the innovative dental techniques in Costa Rica and also to share with you their extensive knowledge of the field.

Dental Implant: Dental Treatments Costa Rica

Dental Implants

Single Tooth Replacement: Dental Treatments Costa Rica

Single Tooth Replacement

Bone Expansion. Dental Treatments Costa Rica

Bone Expansion

Implant/Bridge: Dental Treatments Costa Rica


Bone Graft: Dental Treatments Costa Rica

Bone Graft

Overdenture: Dental Treatments Costa Rica


Sinus Lift: Dental Treatments Costa Rica

Sinus Lift

Post Operative Instructions: Dental Implants Costa Rica

Post Operative Instructions

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