Tooth Protein May Lead to Bone Regeneration

A newly discovered protein may lead to numerous health benefits.Bioengineers at Queen Mary University of London found a protein that may aid patients suffering from osteoporosis or bone fractures. The protein statherin, which is usually found in the formation of enamel, can actually lead to bone growth.

The information appears in the journal Biomaterials. The research team generated bioactive membranes from segments of different proteins to demonstrate which protein played the role in stimulating bone growth. The bone-stimulating aspect of the protein was tested in a rat model. The researchers employed analytical techniques to visualize and measure the calcified tissue.

The membrane of proteins using these molecules in this case can be bioactive and handled with ease to implement to the injured areas of bone.
Through this research, synthetic bone grafts were created that can lead to the natural regenerative process.

Original Source: Dentistry