Synthetic membrane may accelerate healing after dental implants

REGENECURE, an Israeli specialist in bone reconstruction, has developed a new membrane as a bone-stimulating aid for patients requiring dental implants. As preliminary studies have shown promising results, the membrane will go into clinical trials now. The company hopes that the new technology will help improve and accelerate healing in a variety of medical procedures.

Over a period of six months, researchers at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem and the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa will compare the amount of lateral bone fill generated by REGENECURE’s membrane with that generated by collagen membranes, the company announced. The study will include 32 smokers and non-smokers with insufficient bone volume, a common problem in tooth replacement with dental implants. In half of the participants, the newly developed synthetic membrane will be used, while the other half will receive collagen membranes, which is considered the gold standard in treatment today.

According to REGENECURE, the innovative AMCA (ammonio methacrylate copolymer type A) guided bone regeneration dental membrane has advantages over collagen membranes regarding quality and safety. It degrades slowly over time, giving the natural bone more time to properly regenerate, is entirely synthetic and eliminates the risk of contamination by pathogens present in membranes derived from animal tissue.

In addition, the membrane accelerates healing by enabling cell adherence, proliferation and differentiation of stem cells in the bone tissue, while preventing connective tissue from infiltrating the healing space. The company emphasised that the membrane is easy to use in orthopaedic surgery and requires no special surgical knowledge of preparation.

According to a recently published report by Research and Markets, a publisher of international market research and market data, the global dental implants market is projected to exceed US$6.5 billion (€5 billion) by 2018.

Original Source: The Dental