Dental implants may be improving soon. Experts from the Autonomous University of Baja California in eastern Mexico created dental implants from a mixture of polymer with ceramic and a light consistency. The experts at this school optimized the performance of those dental tools after recreating what the chewing process was like. The goal was to make certain the implant would take on the brunt of the stress instead of the bone structure.

The proposed creation plans on standing up to the effort of chewing and thwarting the possibility of corrosion of titanium implants. Affordability was also in kept in mind.

By using mathematical formulas, the experts plan on lowering the stress levels even more prior to officially introducing these new implants.

The researchers also want the implants to be coated with vitamin D because this substance promotes the production of bone tissue around the implant. After pilot tests are conducted, the experts will analyze the results against regular implants.

If these implants reach the market, the idea would be to improve oral health and reduce costs when compared to current implants.

Original Source: Dentistry