Almost three-quarters of men want their partner to undergo cosmetic dental surgery

According to a new survey, a considerable number of British men want their partner to have cosmetic surgery to improve their looks. Almost 25 per cent said that their partner’s appearance would be enhanced by liposuction, breast enlargement or dental surgery, among others, but the majority would never reveal this to their wife or girlfriend.

Although the majority of survey participants were very satisfied with their partner’s looks, one in four men would like their partner to have cosmetic surgery, reported MailOnline. Of those, 42 per cent stated that they would want their partner to undergo dental surgery, topped only by liposuction (57 per cent) and breast enlargement (49 per cent). Another 38 per cent thought that nose surgery would improve the natural appearance of their partner significantly. Almost 35 per cent desired treatment of their partner’s wrinkles with Botox.

However, because they would not want to upset their partner (52 per cent) or for fear of an argument (23 per cent), only 12 per cent admitted that they would actually tell their partner.

The survey was conducted by, an online platform for discount voucher codes, as part of a larger study on relationships. It involved 1,248 British men.

Original Source: The Dental