Dental Implants Costa Rica

The use of dental implants is part of cosmetic dental surgery which is preferred by most that have lost a tooth or more since it look more natural and these are stronger than using removable dentures. Dental implants use a titanium component that is being installed within the bone socket where a missing tooth was. Once the component has been installed, the jawbone will heal over time usually within 6-12 weeks. Then the bone will serve as a support to the metal structure as it forms a bond around it during the healing period. As the metal post is ready for the next step, a tiny connector called an abutment is then installed to hold the new synthetic tooth in place.

The synthetic tooth is formed using an impression of your teeth as you bite to a mold. This is where the missing tooth is modeled after and then they will choose the teeth’s color similar to the surrounding teeth or the original tooth. This gives the synthetic tooth a more natural look. The procedure may be costly but patients who had dental implants say that the procedure is less painful than a tooth extraction. A local anesthesia is also applied during the installation of the metal post within the gums and onto the bone.

However, dental implants may cost you at least around $ 1,250 and can go more than that depending on the other procedures that are needed to be done to improve your oral health. The implant materials or prosthodontics are expensive and additionally the use of titanium in the surgical procedure makes it even more costly. Nevertheless, the benefits of having dental implants are far better than ordinary dentures. It helps improve speech which is typically the problem with poorly structured dentures, plus the appearance looks natural and permanent.

Eating normally is another advantage of having dental implants as it will allow you to eat without pain and without worrying of having sticky foods to displace it. Furthermore, implants are durable and can last a lifetime with proper care. Teeth surrounding the implant are also not affected as it does not need a support or any alteration to keep it in place. Thus, it prevents stains caused by crowns and support bridges used in some removable dentures. Oral hygiene is much better with dental implants as you do not have to worry of removing it every day just to clean it. You may brush your teeth and to the same care and maintenance as you do with your normal teeth.

We often do many things to take good care of our body but we also usually overlook our teeth despite how important good oral hygiene is. If you live in the Portland Oregon area and are looking for a Portland Dentist or a Beaverton Dentist you can find them at the Oregon Dentist Directory.

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