Oral health is important. Without a healthy mouth, our body cannot be healthy. Digestion is more difficult without healthy teeth and gums. When it is uncomfortable to chew, it is often a result of eating numerous sugary foods. Try to avoid certain foods, and the mouth will not become a breeding ground for bacteria when plaque is allowed to reside in the mouth for extended periods of time. We have to focus on what we eat to ensure the mouth remains in balance. Here are a few tips to help you maintain good oral health.

1. Don’t Eat Foods That Cling to Your Teeth:

Avoid food that will promote tooth decay by clinging to your teeth. Soft, chewy, sticky foods will cause cavities faster than other foods. For instance, dried fruits, caramel, candy, and cakes will all cling to the teeth and cause tooth decay. Instead, try eating nuts, raw vegetables, plain yogurt, sugarless candy, and cheese.

2. Avoid Carbohydrates:

Fermentable carbohydrates will create an environment in your mouth conducive to tooth decay. Crackers, chips, and cookies are all considered fermentable carbohydrates and should be avoided. When you eat crackers, you should include cheese with it.

3. Avoid Acidic Foods:

Too much sugar or citrus fruit contain a significant amount of acid. The acid can, then, cause cavities after prolonged exposure. Dentists recommend brushing and flossing teeth after eating this type of food.

Keep in mind that even healthy foods, such as orange juice and milk, contain acid can be a problem for people concerned about oral health. Avoid these drinks and also carbonated drinks to avoid chemical erosion that may cause a problem in the enamel layer of teeth.

4. Avoid Hard Foods:

Avoid eating hard foods. Pretzels and ice may crack teeth, damage fillings, and enamel. Hard foods should only be eaten in moderation to ensure teeth remain healthy and intact.

5. Avoid Foods at Extreme Temperatures:

When food is extremely hot or extremely cold, metal and resin fillings may contract and expand and cause teeth to crack. Fillings may also begin to leak. For instance, you should not eat ice cream and then, drink hot water. The temperature of the mouth should gradually rise to normal after eating food. The converse is also true. Do not drink cold water after drinking hot tea or coffee. Otherwise, small fracture lines may develop in the teeth.

6. Avoid Fast Food and Junk Foods

Adequate calcium will promote good dental health. This is necessary in both adults and children’s lives. Always consume enough calcium and brush your teeth after every meal. Bacon, mayonnaise, and barbeque sauce can harm teeth and gums and should be avoided.

Your Oral Health is Important. Avoid Inappropriate Foods.

Everyone is aware that they should brush their teeth at least two to three times per day, but how many people know that they should also eat healthy. Unhealthy diets can cause tooth erosion. Choose what you eat carefully to avoid undesirable oral health.

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