Getting Dental Implants with Dr.Luis Obando in Costa Rica

Dental tourism is becoming more and more popular, and it seems Costa Rica is one of the favored destinations. Why? Keep reading to find out some important facts.

When you are living with missing teeth, that is a problem that needs immediate solution. The best solution is getting dental implants. However, there are only few patients who can actually afford dental implants in the US with the costs going as high as even $5,000 per tooth.

The problem is not when you need one single dental implant but when you need let’s say about 8 implants and just as many crowns. In the US, you could be easily quoted even around $30,000.

Now, if you are able to select a truly reputable dentistry practice in Costa Rica, and if you also accept to pay through wire transfer, because you will be offered a discount, for the entire work you might have to pay about $12,000 only.

One of the reasons patients choose Costa Rica, is that the highest profile cosmetic dentistry offices offer the immediate load dental implants here. This practically means that you travel to Costa Rica, have your appointment, get your implants fitted and on the next day you can already chew and speak naturally.

Lodging and fare are yet another two important factors to consider when it comes to dental tourism. Several highly reliable dental tourism providers offer some very affordable quotes which include lodging, transfers to and from the airport, your meals and even the transfers to and from the dentist for your appointments as required.

Even with all the costs included for fares, lodging and dental treatments you can definitely save tens of thousands of dollars. The greater the number and the greater the complexity of the dental treatments you need…the more the advantages that speak in favor of choosing dental tourism to Costa Rica.

There are many genuine reviews of patients who went to Costa Rica for major dental treatments such as a full mouth reconstruction which included as many as 12 dental implants, bone grafting treatment, 2 or 3 extractions, and temporary crowns too.

The cost for such a full mouth reconstruction is barely exceeding $10,000, while for the same exact full mouth reconstruction you would be quoted well over $50,000 at home.

In Costa Rica, you will meet dental professionals who speak English, so the communication barrier is lifted. Actually, many of these professionals completed their studies in the US or the UK. Then, their dental offices are equipped with the latest technology equipment, and partly these high standards are set so high because they know they will attract foreign patients more and more.

Yet another huge advantage is that if you choose a high profile dental clinic, you will get life warranty for you dental implants. In case anything goes wrong, the clinic will redo the treatment at no charge.

The only expenses are your fares and lodging. Weigh your options well, and choose the most convenient, affordable and high quality type of dental treatment- whether you go for dental tourism or choose to receive your treatment at home.

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