Dental Implants for Kids

Dental implant placement procedures are the newest trend in prosthetic replacement of lost tooth or teeth. After a tooth is lost, a patient is able to receive titanium screws, which replaces the roots of a natural tooth in the bone, and it will be fitted with crowns that are fully functional. These biocompatible screws, gain complete stability in the bone, through the process of osseointegration. It is this stability that sets dental implants over and above all the other options available. More so, it is the design that makes a patient finally decide to go for it, because why would you go for a bulky, uncomfortable and unnatural denture, when you can get a replacement that looks and functions much like the natural tooth?

Well, the decision to avail dental implants from your dentist is governed by a number of factors: the state and condition of the bone, the overall health of the patient, the presence of habits, ability to maintain good oral hygiene and age.

Is there an age limit for dental implants? How young is too young when you talk about dental implants? Are younger patient contraindicated for this kind of treatment just because of their age? Some patients lose their permanent teeth when they are young; can these patients come to a dentist for a dental implant, or is this option impossible?

Children are not able to receive dental implants for one reason: the bone is still developing. The jaw bone, much like any other bone in the body continues to grow until a person reaches a certain age. This means that if a dental implant is placed on the jaw bone of a child whose teeth are still developing, such an action can impede the development of the jaw and hinder the normal emergence of the other teeth into the mouth. You have to remember that that titanium implants are very stable, especially when it has integrated with the bone; so a stable implant that cannot move, drift, tip and migrate will not be adjust to accommodate the other teeth, causing greater problems in the future.

To set things straight, here are some important information you might find useful:

-A teenage male at the age of 17 years can already accept dental implants. He cannot, in any way receive implants, younger than this age, but postponing it for more years will be acceptable.

-A teenage female cannot receive dental implants until they reach the age of 14 or 15 years. As expected, female patients develop earlier than male, so their bones develop faster. Getting an implant younger than the age of 14 is going to be unsafe

While replacing tooth or teeth earlier on, helps to preserve the quality of the underlying bone, you have to look at things, as whole. What point is there to have preserved the bone, if the other teeth are unable to erupt normally? You have to understand that dental implant placements are elective treatment procedures, so they can be postponed, until a patient is fit to receive it. What point is there to rush, when you end up sabotaging your dental health?

Original Souce: Dental Implants Academy United Kingdom