A lot of improvements have taken place in dentistry over the years and traditional dentistry is practiced by very few dentists these days. Most dentists are updated about the new dentistry techniques that are being used these days and they regularly receive training to perform these procedures on their patients as well. Apart from new practices, dentistry equipment is also more advanced now and most procedures that were too evasive before are now performed through minimally invasive techniques.

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming very popular these days and people are now interested in going to cosmetic dentists to improve the appearance of their teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is related to improving the appearance of teeth and procedures like teeth whitening, aligning, fitting of crowns, bridges etc are all a part of cosmetic dentistry. People who face the problem of tooth loss also visit cosmetic dentists because now there is the solution of fitting dental implants onto the jaws, to solve the problem of toothless smiles that people have.

Tooth loss is very common these days and happens either because of illnesses like gingivitis or cavities. Other reasons why people lose their teeth are because of accidents and age. Dental implants provide these people with a solution to regain their teeth back, in an artificial manner of course.

However, even though these implants are artificial, they bear a very close similarity to natural teeth. They look just like natural teeth and many will not even be able to notice the difference until you tell them. In addition to that, these implants are very strong and they have strong foundations. They are made out of strong metals like titanium and are durable. If they are taken care of properly, the implants are known to last people their entire lifetime. The implants are fitted into people’s jaws through a surgical procedure. With implants, you will be able to avoid all the speech problems and discomforts you experienced when using bridges or dentures.

Once the surgery to insert the implants is done with, your recovery might take a few weeks, during which you will need to make sure you follow all instructions accurately in order to ensure proper post-op care. Once the recovery period is over, you’ll be able to use the functions of the teeth completely. There are some things that dentists will check before they give you the green light for the implants to be installed. People who have illnesses like cardiovascular problems or diabetes will not be candidates for the procedure. Heavy
smokers might not qualify for the surgery either.

Besides that, the strength of your jaw bone and the health of the gums also play an important role in determining whether you are eligible to get the implants fitted or not. A series of tests will need to be done to find out if the jaw bone is strong enough to hold the implants in place and the dentist will perform all these tests before recommending the surgery for you.

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