By: Aloysius Aucoin

The field of cosmetic dentistry can offer its patients the opportunity to improve upon their less than adequate looking smiles. If your teeth could use a boost in the aesthetics department you need to locate a highly skilled cosmetic dental practitioner to give you a set of pearly whites that you can be proud of!

In looking for a dental provider for cosmetic work you need to consider the credentials of the professional, his experience, his office location and fees. You must verify that he has a license to practice cosmetic dentistry and you need to find out if he specializes in the work that you wish to have done. Doing a little research before visiting a dentist for the first time will save you time and energy!

Cosmetic dentistry is all about whitening teeth and repairing or replacing teeth that are cracked, damaged or worn down. It encompasses everything from bleaching to caps to crowns to bridges to implants and veneers.

If you are considering one of these procedures then you may wonder what color the new dental appliances will be. The answer is that the practitioner will whiten the natural teeth you possess to the whiteness level that you want or will whiten them to the brightest that is possible. If you are getting veneers then the tooth doctor will do his very best to match up the veneer(s) with the color of your other teeth.

If you take a close look at your teeth you will notice that every one of them is not the exact same color. With that knowledge it is likely that more than one color will be used to make your teeth look as natural as possible. The variation of color is necessary to avoid ending up with a mouthful of phony looking teeth. When the restoration is taking place the cosmetic dentistry element that makes the tooth appear realistic and natural is the play of light upon the porcelain. The surface texture on bridges, caps, crowns and implants also makes a big difference. Talk with the cosmetic dental provider about what shade of white he feels is best for your mouth.

The dentist you visit will examine your mouth and do an evaluation of your teeth. You can tell him what it is you are looking for. He will then devise a cosmetic dentistry plan for your smile. It will be made up of an analysis of the problems with your smile and the potential solutions.

If your teeth look lackluster and are dull and discolored then this can result from smoking, the aging process, foods and beverages that stain teeth as well as prescription drugs that can lead to stains. A tooth whitening process can be undertaken for this unsightly tooth issue.

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