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Is Dental Implant Surgery For You?

Over the years even the most carefully tended teeth can deteriorate. We produce less saliva as we age, which makes it harder for our mouths to keep bacteria moving along. We are at greater risk for infection, decay and gum disease. We can end up with gums that are...

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Sleep apnoea may increase risk of glaucoma

According to new research conducted at Taipei Medical University, patients suffering from sleep apnoea should be encouraged by their clinicians to undergo an eye exam. A nationwide study of more than 7,000 participants has shown that the sleep condition is...

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Drink blamed for oral cancer rise

Alcohol is largely to blame for an "alarming" rise in the rate of oral cancers among men and women in their forties, say experts.Numbers of cancers of the lip, mouth, tongue and throat in this age group have risen by 26% in the past decade. Alcohol consumption has...

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