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Should Pregnant Women Take Fluoride Supplements?

Cosmetic dentistry patients could soon be given new bridges which are much stronger than those currently available. Fifty years ago you could have walked into a pharmacy and seen fluoride drops that were specifically targeted toward pregnant women. The packages...

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Dental Implants for Children

Dental implant placement procedures are the newest trend in prosthetic replacement of lost tooth or teeth. After a tooth is lost, a patient is able to receive titanium screws, which replaces the roots of a natural tooth in the bone, and it will be fitted with crowns...

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Healthy Dental Habits for Adults Over 60

It was once believed that people would lose their natural teeth as they aged. Nowadays, dental experts know that aging doesn't necessarily lead to tooth loss. As medical advancements continue to evolve, people are keeping their natural teeth well into their 50s, 60s...

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Mini Dental Implants vs. Regular Dental Implants

Do you hide your smile because you have unsightly gaps between your front teeth? Or are some of your teeth badly damaged or decayed? If so, then dental implants may be the only permanent solution to your dental miseries. Dental implants are fake dental roots, usually...

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Unusual treatment for sensitive teeth

Scientists have developed a substance similar to the adhesive that mussels use to attach themselves to rocks and other surfaces in water that shows promise in preventing sensitivity in teeth. According to a report published in the American Chemical Society Applied...

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Bone Grafting in Implant Dentistry

The knowledge that we have developed in the science of dental implantology has grown tremendously in the past couple of decades, and bone grafting has developed into an integral part of it, allowing dentists to develop procedures and achieve outcomes that would not...

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