Affordable Health Care in Costa Rica

Affordable Health Care in Costa Rica

Cosmetic Dentistry has become one of the most developed activities in health industry around the world.

With he economy having problems, many people are now looking for low-income dental implants options.

Looking for this options outside the U.S. has become more common among people looking for dental implants or any cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Medical tourism is a strong option for that people.  Affordable dental treatments alongside vacations has prove being attractive for customers, specially from North America.

Dental care in countries like Mexico, India, or Costa Rica is a fraction of the U.S. cost.

For more than a decade, Costa Rica has been considered an strong option in low-income dental implant, thanks to quality of health services.

 According to many sources like Dental Implant Cost Guide, the dental implant price is around US$1000.  After a dental treatment, the patient could take a trip to the beach or the mountain and enjoy the marvels of costa rican nature.

In San José, Nova Dental Clinic is one of the most valuable options a patient could have. This facility is directed by New York University-trained implantologist, Dr. Luis G. Obando. Different media like Inside Out Hawaii  have praised Dr.Obando not only for his skills and humanism, but his inexpensive price compared to U.S. dental services.

According to Kirk Meyer of Boston Globe” everything went smoothly, just like going to the dentist in the United States.

The main difference was, of course, the final cost?—?about one-third of what I was quoted at home. For example, a crown in the Boston area runs upward of $1,000. In Costa Rica, it costs about $400. Here’s another way to explain the savings.

This trip included a round-trip airline ticket for me and a week’s hotel stay in San Jose; plus another round-trip ticket for my wife, who joined me for a second week, our stay in a luxury villa in a cloud forest, and the four-wheel-drive car rental we needed to get there; plus, lest I forget, the dental work itself. And it was all still cheaper than driving the 10 miles and visiting my dentist back home.”

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